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A must have for indoor cats without access to the outdoors. You and your cat can enjoy the fresh air without the risk of escaping or even worse, falling out the window. The material costs next to nothing and you can customise the screens for any window.

You will need:

  • A skirting board
  • 4 angle irons
  • 20 screws (dependant on the angle iron and width of board)
  • Hardware cloth
  • Staple gun w. staples
  • Measuring tape or Folding rule
  • Nippers
  • Wooden saw
  • Screwdriver

What to do:

  • Measure the insides of the window (all four sides)
  • Pick up the material in your local hardware store
  • Saw the skirting board into 4 pieces (2 short and 2 long according to your measurements)
  • Measure the width of the skirting board and subtract the width x 2 from the shorter pieces (the top and bottom piece will be on the inside to the vertical pieces)
  • Place all four pieces in a rectangular shape (like your window). This will be the frame.
  • Screw on the angle irons to each of the corner
  • Try out the frame on the inside of the window and adjust if necessary to fit the window. It should be snug against the inside of the window.
  • Cut out a piece of hardware cloth the size of the frame
  • Using the staple gun staple the cloth onto the frame (if you want to make it more secure, lift one of the angle irons at a time and place the hardware cloth behind the iron (note this might impact the depth of the screw slightly)
  • Bend all the edges of the hardware cloth inwards so there are no sharp bits sticking out
  • Your window screen is done
  • You can always make small adjustments with a sand paper afterwards
  • If you want to you can secure the screen window with a hook or similar. Ours are snug against the window so there is no need for any additional securing
  • We would not recommend to leave unsecured windows up when you are not at home, or close by.

Back of the window screen

Front of the window screen

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