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Sobol says a crime does not occur until the person

James says the police told him that they would issue a warrant ASAP and come back to arrest the fraudulent renters. James says before the police were notified, he knocked on the residents’ door and told Jane Roe that he was aware that they had stolen someone’s identity to move in, and that he was […]

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Taking Catification to a whole new level – with Catastrophic Creations

I spend hours on Instagram every day looking at beautiful cats, talking to their owners, and looking for inspiration on ways to improve Khaleesi’s & Brooklyn’s lives. Especially, as I know that they are very active cats and need a lot of stimulation being indoor cats. That is how I came to hear of Catastrophic Creations […]

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Living with Bengals

We have always known that we wanted a dog or a cat, however living in the third largest city in Sweden (Malmö), both full time employees, a dog was of out of the question. So, it was an easy choice, we were getting a cat, or actually two, as I have always found that two […]

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