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The well being of your cat very much comes down to activation and making sure your cat get’s enough stimulation. This becomes even more important if your cat spends most, or all, of its time indoors where it’s up to you as an owner, to make this happen.

In addition to creating a cat friendly home, where your cat can get stimulation during the day when you might not necessarily be at home, there are a lot of ways you can activate your cat. Toys, going for walks, bird watching, clicker training etc.

The behaviour and well being of your cat is strongly related to the stimulation your cat gets and will not only affect your cat, but also you. Ever found that your cat is not quite behaving the way ”you would like it to”, or perhaps you suffer from sleepless nights? Spending time with your cat and stimulating its natural instincts through activation might not result in a cat which does exactly what you want it to do, because after all it has a free will, but it can surely strengthen your bond and give you a happier cat.

Being the owner of two Bengal cats, dedicated playtime and a stimulating environment, is key to a happy and healthy household.

We will write more on the subject in our blog and hope you can find some inspiration here on Kitty Matters.

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