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Even if Kitty Matters is all about Cats we thought it only fair to give a quick introduction to the creator of Kitty Matters, Karin, a.k.a ”The assistant”. After all, we do appreciate the work she is doing as our spokes person and helper.

Karin lives with us in ”our” apartment in Malmö, Sweden. She claims that it is still her apartment, but since we moved in (June 2015) it seems we have slowly but surely claimed the property, room by room. We did however come across some competition when we moved in, his name is Jonas and is Karin’s boyfriend. We do believe we have the situation under control though as we have claimed the rights to her lap, which means we have closer access to cuddles.

In order to afford our high-maintenance lifestyle, Karin runs her own IT Consultancy. We would prefer if she spent more time with us and less time with her other clients, but we are happy to cut her some slack as long as she is fully devoted to us during the remaining 16-hours of the day.

So far she is doing pretty good. She pays the rent, buys all our kitty must-haves and makes sure we never have to go hungry, well not for too long anyway. Also, she is always close by for cuddles and helps us to stay in touch with our feline friends in social media. She also makes the perfect mobile cat bed.

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