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Taking Catification to a whole new level – with Catastrophic Creations

I spend hours on Instagram every day looking at beautiful cats, talking to their owners, and looking for inspiration on ways to improve Khaleesi’s & Brooklyn’s lives. Especially, as I know that they are very active cats and need a lot of stimulation being indoor cats. That is how I came to hear of Catastrophic Creations and their climbing systems, which have been added to our wish list ever since.

This blog post is in no way sponsored by Catastrophic Creations, but as I find their cat furniture very appealing, I would like to dedicate this post to these amazing products taking Catification to a whole new level, and spread the word. Perhaps your cat(s) needs it’s own space and some extra stimulation? If so, keep reading.

Making use of the walls in your home is an excellent way to increase the living space for your cats, and Catastrophic Creation makes the most stunning and mind blowing climbing systems. Not only do they allow your cat to climb, adventure and lounge in their private space, but also incorporates cat friendly plants and feeders into their climbing systems, creating a true kitty paradise up and away from the floor and all the ”dangers” that lurk there.

I am truly inspired by people like Mike and Megan, the people behind Catastrophic Creations, who started off building their creations at home in their apartment in Portland, Oregon, and who have now grown their business to spread the joy and their beautiful cat furniture across the globe. People who dedicate their lives to improve the life of cats deserve a medal (or two).

As we haven’t tried the climbing system ourselves, I set out to find someone who had, to hear about their experience. That is how I got in contact with Dayenne, owner of 11 cats (Safari, Amazon, Everest, Frosty, Banjer, Maui, Bula, Kemmel, Midnight, Shadow and Blizzard) and also the main volunteer behind @Yoga_girl ‘s foundation Sgt Pepper’s Friends a non-profit organization helping dogs and cats in need in Aruba.

Dayenne came across Catastrophic Creations scrolling trough cat furniture on Etsy (that’s where it all started) shortly after they got their first Bengals in 2012. Since then, they have tried pretty much all of the products, for their own cats as well as for the cats they foster for the foundation.

I asked Dayenne, if her cats could talk, what would they say about the Catastrophic Creations experience:

”They love it. On the new cat module it’s not rare that 3 of the bengals are lying in the hammocks. Their furniture gives them entertainment, relaxation, look out points, safe spots, places to scratch their nails…everything. The Bengals don’t go outside (except for their catio where they have some of the hammocks and loungers as well) so the Catastrophic Creations forms an enrichment to their lives”

I also asked Dayenne how she felt about Catastrophic Creations as an owner and also which their favourite product is: ”I really love their furniture as much as as our cats do. I love the fact that they look modern and hip, to the contrary of the old fashioned cat trees.” The vertical scratching pole is a favourite with all of them.

I also had the opportunity to ask Megan and Mike some questions, as the people behind Catastrophic Creations. To find out how it all began.

”When we first brought our two boys home, I bought them tons of toys and furniture. The furniture consisted of three cat trees. I had them set up in our apartment, but against the same wall. I had seen cat shelving on TV shows and internet before, but I went the affordable route and went to IKEA and got a short and a long black shelf near the two trees on the right. We weren’t able to connect the cat trees because there was a hallway between the trees. We were sitting there one day thinking about how we could bridge the gap where we couldn’t mount the shelves and it came to us. Let’s literally build a bridge! Mike thought up the whole design of our Indiana Jones cat bridge and we actually still build this item today”

Megan and Mike have three cats (Ickle, Heisenberg and Lylah) and like most of us cat owners, they wish they had more. They have lived in apartments for years, until last June when they bought their first house, and have mount each item in their own home.

”Currently we have an Indiana Jones cat bridge, 4ft Vertical sisal pole and a vertical cat fort in our sunroof. We also have a cat Mod maze, a series of 16” Cat Mod hammocks leading up to a corner shelf, half of our Cat Mod garden complex, Floating Sisal Posts, 3-level cat bunker in our bedroom, a few plush beds and numerous shelves scattered around the house. It sounds like a lot when I list it out haha, but we have actually only filled maybe 1/3 of the space we would like to for our cats. ”

Sounds like a true kitty paradise to me! The furniture have improved Ickle, Heisenberg and Lylah’s home life, making it more fun and bringing out their adventurous sides. Heisenberg is extremely shy and avoids strangers. ”He actually hides from us 5-10 minutes when Mike and I come home from work, I’m guessing just to be safe no one else is coming inside”. With the climbing systems Hesienberg now has a space of his own, up high and away from the danger and a space that he can relax and be himself. ”If one of our friends are coming over, once he comes out of hiding he will quickly hop up onto a high piece of furniture and hang out from above. Lylah enjoys chasing the boys around on the furniture and brings her toys there, just to toss them off.

”I truly love and stand by our products 100%. It has helped us with all of our territorial behaviour and anxiety issues with our cats an it is cool to see how much their lives have improved with these furniture. They can expend their high amount of energy, even as indoor cats, by climbing the poles and running around the hammocks and shelves. Ickle has his hammock that he loves to lounge in, and Lylah has enough territory of her own up on the wall so she doesn’t have to feel threatened and does not have confrontations with Ickle. Lylah and Heisenberg love each other a lot and they cuddle and clean each other and they love to hang out together up high.

Having had an opportunity to chat with Megan, Mike and Dayenne about Catastrophic Creations and their experiences with these cat furniture I am more excited than ever about these products. Not only do they look the great, but it’s clear that they add another dimension to the life of our feline friends, making them happier kittys. We offer loans for you and you cat.

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